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Welcome to Louise and Peter Searight's Wedding and Portrait Website

We believe that wedding photography should be first and foremost about telling a story. Our natural style is relaxed and unobtrusive which allows us to capture all the little moments that make a wedding day special - and that you will want to look back on years later. This is what ’documentary’ or ‘reportage’ photography is really about – but it’s also important to be able to organise people when you need to, and to have an artistic eye for classic portraits of the key players on the day.

We could give you the usual stuff about being passionate about photography, born into a family of photographers and using a camera before I could walk……but it’s true….nearly. I used my first camera when I was eight and my father, brother and son also have similar genes!

Louise and I established The Remarkable Studio in 2004 to take my photography to a new level, and I qualified for full membership of The British Institute of Professional Photography and Master Photographers Association in 2008. I received the higher level Associate Distinctions in Fine Art from the BIPP and Royal Photographic Society in 2012. Only a minority of photographers have earned distinctions at this level – they are an important measure of the quality and creativity of our work, but it’s also worth mentioning that the professional associations require members to observe a code of conduct, and to be properly equipped and insured. Professional photography is a completely different ‘kettle of fish’ from my days as an amateur.

I started out as a landscape photographer and my work has been exhibited across the UK. However, an interest in people, who are always fascinating, developed at an early stage in my professional career and have featured in our portfolio since 2006. Wedding photography requires a range of skills to successfully tell the story of the day. We also believe that this varied portfolio is important to maintaining the freshness and creativity in our work.

Awards and competitions are a valuable way to continue to push one’s quality and creativity and I have been recognised at regional, national and international level in a range of fields including wedding photography, portraits, landscapes, fine art, event and travel photography. Strangely enough, these elements feature in almost every wedding – portraiture is a vital skill, an eye for landscapes is important for many church and reception settings, the artistic dimension is important and the reportage skills needed for event and travel shots are useful for capturing the detail and spontaneous moments needed to complete the picture of a beautiful wedding day. If you would like more details of our awards, please click here